How are we doing this?

Simmple Labs builds all Simmplify modules’ features with the intention of allowing our users to have the best experience. We conduct our research thoroughly and focus on each of our modules and carefully strategize and decide what to build. While we are on to innovating many creative solutions, these modules are the ones we will be sharing for now.
Our development plans for Q1 2023 includes working on the following modules.
1) Module 1 : Financial Management for Business 2) Module 2 : Financial Management for Users 3) Module 3 Simmplify Catalog
As much as we are working on other modules of Simmplify Platform, the modules mentioned above are our priority for Q1 of 2023. Due to the fast evolving nature of web3 space, our prioritization of features may shift depending upon the dynamic environment & demand. Excellence takes time and we ask for your patience as we work towards achieving these goals.