At Simmple Labs, we are creating a comprehensive Web3 Infrastructure that allows you to easily manage your projects, businesses, and cryptocurrency holdings from End to End. Our goal is to make the process of using web3 technology intuitive and streamlined, while also providing you with transparent information and the ability to take action. We are committed to simplifying and enhancing your web3 experience through our Simmplify Platform.
Simmple Labs’ core focus for Q1 2023 is building, innovating and creating new seamless experiences in addition to our Simmplify Beta Launch. We are happy to share our quarterly plan with the team along with Why, What and How we are doing things. While we can't reveal all the details, we believe this work will have a positive impact on our users.
We will be prioritizing on improving and expanding our Modules. While we believe in complete transparency at Simmple Labs, we also want to protect our intellectual property and ideas. As a result, certain aspects of our modules & features will be kept confidential. However, we are committed to being open and transparent about all other aspects of our work and progress.
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